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About Urbz

Urbz® was founded in 2018 by Maryann, Andy and Roark Bass in Carlsbad, California. We are a family of artists, biologists and dreamers who love playing in Nature. We're impassioned to bring the outdoors "in" by transforming indoor spaces into green habitats that radiate life and energy.

 Urbz Founders


Urbz' mission is to fuel imagination and enrich our understanding of the relationship between nature, science and humanity.


On a quest for cool design elements to bring Nature into their home, husband and wife duo, Maryann and Andy, who are both biologists and designers, were not satisfied with what existed. They decided to do what was in their DNA and create their own. The Urbz® Planter was the first product introduced by the company in 2018 followed by the Mushlume™ UFO in 2020.

The Urbz® Planter attaches to smooth surfaces by using a special material inspired by a gecko’s ability to walk up vertical surfaces, adhere strongly and disengage without using any sticky residue (aka biomimicry).

Once on the window, the see-through design of the Urbz® Planter displays the earth just as prominently as the plants that grow out of it. Early on, it stoked the curiosity of their daughter, Roark, who wanted to know what she saw growing into the soil in the planter. And just like that, Urbz’ mission took root.