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About Urbz

We are a family of dreamers who love playing in Nature. Our backgrounds are in biotechnology. We're impassioned to bring the outdoors "in" by transforming indoor spaces into green habitats that radiate life and energy.

We designed Urbz to have immediate access to fresh herbs in our kitchen. We love to cook and using herbs that are picked fresh from a living plant is a simple delicacy that elevates the flavor of any meal.

The transparent design of Urbz allows you to see the soil and roots of the plants you are growing. Our young daughter began asking questions about the roots she saw and we realized there was a huge educational opportunity with the design. We used Urbz to teach her about plant growth — how plants emerge from seeds, how roots absorb water and nutrients that are in the soil and that the nutrients transfer to the leaves of the plants — and when we eat the plants, we are nourished by those nutrients that originated in the soil.

Maryann Andy Roark