About Urbz®

Urbz® was founded in 2018 by Maryann, Andy and Roark in Carlsbad, California. We are a diverse team of artists, biologists and dreamers who love playing in Nature. We're impassioned to bring the outdoors "in" by transforming indoor spaces into green habitats that radiate life and energy.

The story of Urbz®...

When Maryann and Andy first met, they didn't have enough counter space for plants in their tiny apartment. But they did have plenty of sunlit windows and wanted to utilize the vertical space. Unfortunately (or fortuitously), the only vertical gardens available attached to the wall. Andy was worried that water from these types of planters might ruin the sheetrock if they leaked. The two were determined to figure out a way to grow plants on their windows.

Suctions cups "sucked" and the 3M Command Hooks didn't work for the prototype planters the pair made. Maryann and Andy came up with an idea for a window attachment based on the way a gecko can walk up smooth vertical surfaces. A gecko's feet creates surface tension (Van der Waals's Forces) and is able to adhere strongly and disengage without using any sticky residue. With this biomimicry application in mind, the two enlisted a brilliant engineer friend who helped transform the idea for Urbz® into a reality.

The transparent design of Urbz® displays the earth just as prominently as the plants it grows. This window into the soil takes city dwellers back to the roots and brings Nature to the forefront with its organic shape. When testing various planter designs, Roark (age 4 at the time) wanted to know about the roots she observed. Maryann and Andy realized the see-through design offered an educational opportunity that gets lost when people use a traditional plant pot. 

Urbz® is perfect for people of all ages to experience plant growth and learn how plants emerge from seeds, how roots absorb water and nutrients that are in the soil, and how the nutrients transfer to the leaves of the plants — and when we eat the plants, we are nourished by the same nutrients that originated in the soil.

If you are buying Urbz® for their cool modern look, the brilliant way they create space out of thin air, or to expand a young mind, we hope you enjoy using these one-of-a-kind hanging planters in your habitat!

Maryann Andy Roark