About Urbz

Urbz was founded in 2018 by an artist, a scientist, and an adventurer. We love Nature and share our fascination with biology through the products we design. We are experts in growing and shipping bioluminescent dinoflagellates all over the world.
Our Mission

Urbz' mission is to fuel imagination and enrich our understanding of the relationship between nature, science, and humanity.

Who We Are
Bioluminescence Expertise

Our team has been growing bioluminescent dinoflagellates since 2011. We work with experts in the field of bioluminescence and biotechnology from all over the world.

We’ve grown thousands of liters of bioluminescent plankton for commercial projects including The Science of Avatar (National Geographic), Lexus, and more. 


In 2013, Andy co-founded BioPop, the company behind the Dino Pet. The Dino Pet was a huge global hit among geeks, moms, and kids of all ages. In 2018, Andy sold BioPop to a leading synthetic biotechnology company.

Red Tide in San Diego

2020 ushered in a two-month bloom of bioluminescent dinoflagellates along San Diego’s coastline. It inspired us to grow dinoflagellates once again to share this beautiful natural phenomenon with people around the world.

Bioluminescent Products

The Mushlume UFO is the first aquarium in our product line up to transport these strange bioluminescent beings (plankton 👾) into your living room to enjoy from the comfort of your couch night after night. 

We are also engineering bioluminescent lighting. One day, the molecules that light up Nature may light up your home.

Urbz + Herbs

Connecting Cities and Nature — Urbz is representative of the increasing number of city dwellers and the need for us to feel connected to Nature in our urban habitats.

The first product we released was the Urbz® planter — a window planter for growing herbs, houseplants, and flowers on vertical surfaces.

Create an "herban" view from your window.