About Urbz

Urbz was founded by an artist, a scientist, and an adventurer. Urbz is the embodiment of a shared passion for the marvels of nature. Our fascination with the intricate dance of biology is at the heart of every product we design, bridging the gap between artistic creativity and scientific inquiry.
Our Mission

At Urbz, we strive to fuel the imagination, enrich understanding, and foster a deeper appreciation of the intricate relationship between nature, science, and humanity. Our goal is to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity, encouraging everyone to explore and respect the natural world while understanding the science that underlies its beauty.

Who We Are
Our Expertise in Bioluminescence

At Urbz, our expertise in growing bioluminescent dinoflagellates dates back to 2011, rooted in partnerships with global bioluminescence and biotechnology experts. Our team's skill and dedication have powered major projects, including the cultivation of thousands of liters of plankton for 'The Science of Avatar' by National Geographic and collaborations with Lexus. These endeavors showcase our capability to bring the wonder of bioluminescence to a wide range of commercial and educational applications.

The BioPop Journey

Andy, one of our co-founders, played a pivotal role in launching BioPop in 2013. The company gained international acclaim with its innovative Dino Pet, captivating a diverse audience ranging from tech enthusiasts to families. This unique product garnered widespread attention and love globally. In 2017, Andy transitioned BioPop into new hands, selling it to a prominent synthetic biotechnology company. This move represented a key chapter in our ongoing story of pioneering advancements in the field of bioluminescence.

California's Bioluminescent Red Tides

The natural spectacle of bioluminescent red tides along California's coastline has been a continual source of inspiration for us. These dazzling displays, where the ocean comes alive with a luminous glow, have fueled our passion for bioluminescence. Motivated by this awe-inspiring phenomenon, we aim to bring a piece of this majestic natural light show to people around the world and to deepen the appreciation for the wonders of marine life.

Bringing Bioluminescence Home

The Mushlume UFO marks a significant milestone as the first in our lineup of innovative products designed to bring the enigmatic world of bioluminescent plankton (👾) right into your living room. This unique aquarium offers a mesmerizing, nightly display of nature’s glow, transforming your home into a serene marine sanctuary.

Urbz + Herbs

Bridging Urban Spaces with Nature

At Urbz, we understand the growing desire among city dwellers to forge a deeper connection with nature within their urban environments. Reflecting this need, our inaugural product was the Urbz® planter – a versatile window planter designed for cultivating herbs, houseplants, and flowers on vertical surfaces -bringing a piece of nature into the heart of the city.