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Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Urbz® Planters

My Urbz® Planter is not sticking to my window. Please help!

Make sure that you remove the window attachment from the Urbz® Planter before attaching it to the window. The window attachment needs to be pressed firmly onto the window (or other smooth, non-porous surface) in order to adhere properly. View images and other FAQs here.

FAQs for Mushlume UFO®

Help! My dinoflagellates are not lighting up.

Remember, the dinoflagellates in the Mushlume UFO™ will only bioluminesce during nighttime hours, in the dark while in motion (swirling). The dinos will not light up during the daytime hours, even in a dark room.

Urbz guarantees that your dinoflagellates will arrive alive and healthy. If the dinos are not alive upon arrival, we will issue a replacement order, free of charge. Please contact us immediately with your order number, and we will process the new dino shipment right away.

View more FAQs for Mushlume UFO here.

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