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Mushlume UFO™

Experience the world of bioluminescent plankton

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Mushlume UFO™ 🛸

This unidentified fun object is sure to capture the imaginations of those who witness it. The Mushlume UFO™ is home to celestial beings known in this galaxy as dinoflagellates.

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Urbz® Planters 🌿

Hankering to grow herbs or houseplants, but don't have the space? Urbz® window planters create gardening room out of thin air. Use multiple Urbz® plant pods to grow an entire garden on any window.

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Mushlume UFO™

The Mushlume UFO™ is a solar-powered showpiece for one of the world’s most extraordinary phenomena: bioluminescence.

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Urbz® Planters

Your plants will get first dibs on sunbeams, and you'll enjoy the fruits of your non-labor without cluttering counters or window sills.

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Keep your dinoflagellates glowing bright with this pH balanced blend of purified sea water with added vitamins and nutrients. Yum!

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Window Planters

Grow houseplants and herbs on the window