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Urbz is a beautifully designed herb planter for your window. Grow a vertical garden of fresh herbs — mint, basil, cilantro, sage, thyme, lavender, parsley and oregano. Urbz attaches to any non-porous surface — think windows, tiles, and mirrors — and can be easily moved at any time thanks to a unique, gecko-like material. Free your counter space and create an “herban” view on any window in your home or office.

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Modern Herb Planter ///

🌿 Hankering to grow herbs or houseplants, but don't have the space? Urbz® are window planters that create gardening room out of thin air. Use multiple Urbz® plant pots to grow an entire garden on any window.

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Indoor Herb Garden ///

Urbz® is perfect for gardening in small spaces. ☀️ Your indoor herb garden will get first dibs on sunbeams, and you'll enjoy the fruits of your non-labor without cluttering counters or window sills.

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Hanging Planters

🦎 Urbz® will stick to any window (and will hold more than 15 lbs) thanks to a gecko-like material that adheres tightly to smooth surfaces (and can be moved whenever you want).

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