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Mushlume™ UFO
Mushlume™ UFO
Mushlume™ UFO
Mushlume™ UFO
Mushlume™ UFO
Mushlume™ UFO
Mushlume™ UFO

Mushlume™ UFO



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Meet the Mushlume™ UFO. This unidentified fun object is sure to capture the imaginations of those who witness it. The Mushlume™ is home to celestial beings known in this galaxy as dinoflagellates.

Experience the magical world of bioluminescence at home. Dinoflagellates use low light during the day (like many houseplants) to create their own energy (via photosynthesis). At night, these tiny plankton are ready to party and glow brilliantly when gently swirled.


Dinoflagellates are single-celled plankton. Although nearly microscopic, they hold valuable lessons about the world we live in — like photosynthesis, bioluminescence, cell division, circadian rhythm, optics and more.

The Mushlume™ UFO creates a fun and engaging homeschooling opportunity for curious minds. Example: Why do fireflies glow a yellowish-green and dinoflagellates glow blue?

Our hope is that these fascinating creatures will inspire humans to become stewards of Nature. Protect the Oceans and the Planet!


Bioluminescent dinoflagellates live in the oceans of Earth. They're always present and when in high concentrations, are visible as beautiful blue waves of light at night. 

A fun fact is that these little dudes use CO2 and produce oxygen. As a result, more than 1/2 the air we breathe on Earth comes from plankton.

Our team has been growing dinoflagellates since 2011. We started with a few cells that were collected from the Pacific Ocean. Today, we grow them inside in our specialized aqua farms.


Aesthetically, the Mushlume™ UFO’s design mixes the mystical vibe of mushrooms with the unknown of outer space and flying saucers. Functionally, the shape is optimized for the dinoflagellates to thrive and showcase their best light show night after night. The Mushlume's cap includes an air port which enables the dinos to have proper air exchange.

Dimensions: 8" tall x 5.5" wide

Made of recyclable ABS

Includes: Mushlume™ UFO aquarium, Dinoflagellates, Sea Food (nutrients) and Instructions.


No batteries or electricity required. The Mushlume™ is powered by plankton. In the daytime, the dinos use low light (not full sun) to 'charge' themselves up. They also utilize vitamins and minerals in the sea water. 

Caring for the dinoflagellates is simple. Overtime, the dinos will multiply (via cell division, another homeschool lesson!). This is a good thing and will make the Mushlume™ glow brighter with more dinoflagellates inside. 

You can add some of our Sea Food to the Mushlume once every month or two to provide extra nutrients.

With proper care, your Mushlume™ UFO can live for a year or more. We guarantee the dinoflagellates to arrive to you healthy and live for at least three months when following our instructions.