Mushlume UFO Shipping Options

The Mushlume UFO™ contains living dinoflagellates. Like most living organisms, they don’t like being stuck in a box for too long.

We recommend purchasing the Mushlume UFO Gift Option if you are not able to open the dinoflagellates immediately upon arrival or if you are giving this as a gift.

What’s the Gift Option?

The Mushlume UFO Gift Option comes with a redeemable "Fill'er up Card" in place of the living dinoflagellates and VitaminSea™. When the recipient is ready, they can redeem the voucher on our website and we'll ship the living dinos and VitaminSea directly to them at no additional cost.

Mushlume UFO Gift Option Card Mushlume UFO Gift Option Card


What’s the Live Shipment Option?

The Mushlume UFO "live shipment" ships with the living dinoflagellates and VitaminSea in a single shipment (along with the aquarium). Choose this option if you are able to receive the dinoflagellates and unpack them immediately upon arrival. Remember: If the dinos sit in the box too long, it may cause them to perish.

Shipping during extremely hot or cold weather

We recommend ordering the "gift option" if the weather in your area is extremely hot or cold. Shipping living dinoflagellates during extreme weather can result in the dinos arriving dead or in poor health. Once the weather is more moderate, you can redeem the Fill'er Up card for the live bioluminescent algae.

Note: Urbz may hold your order if the temperatures are extreme within your shipping region. We will resume shipping when temperates are more moderate.