Bioluminescence in Joshua Tree

One of my favorite episodes of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations is from Season 7 (episode 13) where he explores California's High Desert with Josh Homme, who provides an amazing soundtrack for the arid backdrop.

In the intro Tony says "once you're in the high desert, people start to vibrate at a different pitch than they do elsewhere". It's so true and it was the people and the otherworldly landscape that made our trip so wonderfully weird.

We also took glowing algae on our journey and transformed a golden, mirrored house on acid (Acido Dorado) into an Avatar-esque space that became bioluminescent when the sun faded. While these glowing creatures are typically found in the sea, they seemed perfectly at home amongst the wondrous landscape of Joshua Tree.

Bioluminescent Mushlume UFO by Urbz
Mushlume UFO Acido Dorado
Bioluminescent tiles in the desert by Urbz
Mushlume UFO I am not a toy
Mushlume UFO Golden Acid
Bioluminescent aquarium
Mushlume UFO Max
Andy Bass Urbz
Mushlume UFO Golden Light

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