The Dino Pet Journey: From Bedroom Experiment to Global Phenomenon

My fascination with bioluminescence began in 2011, right in my bedroom. As I cultivated my growing culture of algae, I experimented with various containers to display the glowing dinoflagellates, or “dinos.” From honey bear bottles to any uniquely shaped vessel, each became a new home for these luminous beings. Initially, my aim was to create a bio-light powered by this natural glow. But something unexpected happened.

Friends and visitors were captivated by my glowing "pet" dinos. Their amazement and curiosity made it clear that these dinoflagellates were more than just a scientific curiosity; they were a gateway to sparking interest in science and biology. The key was finding the perfect way to showcase them.

Dino Pet from BioPop during the day

Thus, the Dino Pet was born. This playful, dinosaur-shaped vessel was a product of my early experiments and became the cornerstone of BioPop, a global business I founded to bring the magic of bioluminescence to people worldwide. The Dino Pet wasn’t just a product; it was an educational tool, an icebreaker, and a living art piece that connected people to the wonders of nature.

Dino Pet from BioPop

In 2017, after years of sharing the joy of bioluminescence, I sold BioPop to a leading synthetic biology company and embarked on a new adventure. Sadly, in 2019, the company shifted directions and closed BioPop, but the journey was far from over.

Today, Urbz is opening a new chapter in this luminous saga. We are committed to continuing the mission of bringing the awe-inspiring world of bioluminescence into homes and hearts. Whether you were a fan of the Dino Pet or are new to the wonders of bioluminescent plankton, Urbz welcomes you. As purveyors of Nature for your habitat, we are proud to introduce the Mushlume UFO, a new way to experience the enchanting glow of dinoflagellates. Join us in exploring this fascinating phenomenon and keep the glow alive!

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