Glowing Nature

Several years ago, we began collaborating with Daan Roosegaarde and his team at Studio Roosegaarde in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to create GLOWING NATURE. 

"GLOWING NATURE shows the beauty of nature through a unique encounter between biology and technology. Following an intensive period of research and design Studio Roosegaarde has created the perfect conditions for visitors to experience the most light-emitting algae in the world which live for a long period. As visitors walk around the installation, the pressure of their footsteps wakes up the algae, whose bioluminescence creates a mesmerising, ever-changing environment.  GLOWING NATURE combines biology and technology to reflect on light and energy, and on nature’s potential to provide the tools for a better future.

GLOWING NATURE was first exhibited as part of ICOON AFSLUITDIJK at the Friesland bunker on the Afsluitdijk and attracted thousands of visitors."

Glowing Nature Swirl

Glowing Nature Footsteps

Glowing Nature Visitors

Glowing Nature Location

Glowing Nature ICOON AFSLUITDIJK at the Friesland bunker

Glowing Nature

See more at Studio Roosegaarde.

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