Mushlume UFO 🛸

Experience the Magical World of Bioluminescence

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Mushlume UFO featured in Forbes.
Urbz partners with Design Milk and Milk Stand to present window planters to a design centric crowd.
Popsugar showcases the Urbz planter for planting herbs gardens on your windows.
Buzzfeed features Urbz new window planters.
Mushlume UFO®
The Mushlume UFO® is a solar-powered showpiece for one of the world’s most extraordinary phenomena: bioluminescence. This plankton aquarium is a living, interactive galaxy of bioluminescent algae that glows brilliantly blue when swirled at night.
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Grow kitchen herbs using Urbz planters which attach to windows, tile or any smooth surface. These ingenious window planters display houseplants, succulents and herbs as a movable vertical garden. Declutter the sill and grow on your windows instead.
Urbz® Hanging Planters
Hankering to grow herbs or houseplants, but don't have the space? Urbz® hanging planters create gardening room out of thin air. Use multiple Urbz® plant pods to grow an entire garden on any window.
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Living Light from Nature

Using biology to inspire sustainability